Modern Canvas Wall Art

Choosing the right modern art for any abode is not an easy job especially since there are so many art works that are on display in art work galleries and on the pages of online art stores. The most attractive thing about all this is that these exquisite works of art available at inexpensive prices. There is no denying that any work of art has three important elements that constitute it to render it into a beautiful work fit to be displayed with panache. These elements are style, form and color. There are many art enthusiasts who love any superbly executed work of art. Such canvas paintings could be abstract, modern, still life, nature art or traditional art. Their eye simply beholds a beautiful creation. There are others who prefer only a certain kind of art. Let us now look into what modern canvas wall art is all about.

The term modern art refers to all works of artists that had been produced from the mid 19th century to the mid 20th century. These works of art show the philosophy and style that were predominant during this period. The highlight of a modern wall art is that its style and form has thrown aside the tradition, style and form that were predominant prior to its advent. Artists who chose to paint modern art were known for experimenting with fresher and newer ideas and put forth these ideas in their art work. Their way of looking at things during their period was displayed in their canvas art works. There was a tendency on the part of such artists to move towards abstraction was observed very clearly in their art displays.

Modern art began with Impressionism. Many artists during that period wanted to wean themselves away from rigidity in form and style of paintings before the movement began. Such paintings with rigid and formal styles were almost always painted inside a studio as such a tradition was set by many institutions devoted to art during that period in Paris. Modern canvas art painters chose to move away from this control and began painting their canvases outside the studio in natural or open light. The subjects these artists chose to paint were scenes from everyday life and also landscapes. Claude Monet and Renoir are famous painters of this era. Fauvism is yet another modern art style. The work fauve actually refers to wild animals. Paintings in Fauvist style were indeed rather wild. The artists chose to paint colors very vividly and with strong brush strokes. While the designs themselves were simple the colors used were very expressive. The famous fauve artists include Henri Matisse, Raoul Dufy and Andre Derain. Another modern art movement was Expressionism which is a German version of Fauvism. Erich Heckel, Otto Mueller and Emil Nolde are famous artist who belong to the class of painters. Many art enthusiasts go in for modern art because of its innovative approach to painting and its movement away from the rigidity of a more formal art form.

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