Art Oil Paintings

The process of painting using pigments which are bound to a medium that is drying oil is popularly called oil painting. Linseed oil was the favorite oil used in Europe. Pine resin was the ingredient used wherein linseed was boiled in. This gave a glossy effect to the finished product. Other oils that were used to create the medium for oil paintings were walnut oil, poppy seed oil and safflower oil. Each of them had a different drying time. The pigments that the painters used depended on the colors that desired to be shown on their paintings. The artists can choose to make the oil paints thinner by using some solvents like spirits to get the desired consistency. Today many art lovers love to have oil paintings in their homes to adorn its walls. Oil paintings these days are not expensive. Such paintings are rendered by many artists who are hired by art galleries and online art stores to bring out very beautiful works of art. Canvas oil paintings come in a variety of different themes and styles and one can choose according one’s taste and suitability. Oil paintings can belong to any genre. In art galleries or online art stores you can see oil paintings with abstract, traditional, realism, impressionistic, contemporary and historic themes. There are many famous oil paintings by renowned painters like Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, The Cafe Terrace by van Gogh, Starry Nights by van Gogh, and The Walk by Claude Monet. Most of these oil paintings are now replicated by many artists and one can buy them cheap. Buying these inexpensive reproductions would be an advantage for those who love the paintings of these famous artists but cannot afford to buy the original masterpieces.

Another advantage of choosing to buy canvas wall art paintings to decorate your interiors is that these are very easy to maintain. The upkeep and maintenance of an oil painting is far easier and simpler than that of other pieces of art work. All that you need to do is to ensure that dust does not build up over the oil painting. This can be taken care of by dusting it at least once in three or four days with a soft cloth. But if the painting is placed on the walls that attracts more dust one can do this more often. Also one must ensure that these oil paintings are not exposed to too much of heat or cold or humidity. Like with all forms of canvas art, great diligence should be observed when buying an oil painting. A painting displayed at home or the office reflects the character and personality of the owner of the home or office. If one chooses to buy an oil painting only to cover the blank walls and not with any other artistic or aesthetic intent then it would be wise to consult with somebody, who could also be a home interior decorator, who knows the suitability of the theme, color and size of the oil painting for a particular room or wall.

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